Digital Security and Privacy Workshop for Journalists Activists and Lawyers in Pune on 1st Feb

In October 2019, Financial Times broke a story on WhatsApp hack which led to the targeting of Indian journalists, academics, activists, and lawyers.
In this day and age when targeted attacks like the Pegasus hack are becoming the new normal, all of us need to protect ourselves the best way we can.

From 2010, Nullcon is empowering the world to build a safer internet & security ecosystem in Asia region through its activities and platform. Nullcon has become Asia's one of the largest security conferences.

From March 2019, Nullcon has started an initiative to protect at-risk groups like Journalists, Activists, and Lawyers.
We are conducting our next workshop in Pune on 1st February 2020 (Saturday). We would like to invite all the journalists, public interest activists, lawyers & at-risk groups from Pune to be part of this workshop.
The objective of this workshop is to ensure secure communication and storage of confidential data/sources and avoid surveillance/mobile tracking for media houses/journalists.

Who should attend?

  • Working Journalists & Editors
  • Journalism/Media Educators
  • Journalism Students
  • CTO, CISO, Information Security Managers from News Organizations
  • Activists
  • Lawyers

Note: These workshops are designed keeping in mind at-risk groups like - Journalists, Lawyers, Activists which are prone to surveillance and cyberattacks.
It's highly recommended for people who work in similar fields.

Topics Covered:


  • Threat modeling 101
  • Securing your computer + phone, the basics
  • Tools to use for privacy in both computers and phones
  • Usage of the Tor Project, where and why?
    & more!

Kushal Das, Freedom of the Press Foundation

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(These workshops are kept free of charge to educate maximum at-risk groups)
More information:

We look forward to participation from Pune.

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