Gift Your Mom a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit This Mother’s Day and Enjoy Interest up to 8.95 Percent!

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Mother’s Day gives you a chance to express your love and appreciation towards your mom, for her unconditional love. While you may be considering a range of Mother’s Day gifts, redefine thoughtful gifting by helping her invest in a fixed deposit. With returns that she can count on and a high-interest rate, Bajaj Finance FD helps you secure your mother’s finances today, tomorrow and for the time to come.
Here’s why the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit for Women makes for the perfect gift for mothers across India.
Grow her savings for financial independence
With healthcare and retail inflation on the rise, the value of money is constantly decreasing. However, you can increase your mother’s purchasing power by starting an FD from Bajaj Finance, which offers interest up to 8.60%. By opting to receive the payout at maturity, you can earn inflation-beating returns, and help you mother meet her costs in the future with ease.
For instance, when you start a FD for your mother with Rs. 50,000 for 5 years at 8.60% interest, she will get Rs. 75,530 at maturity. With these proceeds, she can fulfil various goals of travelling, buying jewellery, medical care, and more. This FD becomes even more lucrative for senior citizens. Bajaj Finance FD for Senior Citizens offers an interest of up to 8.95%, which is 0.35% higher than regular FDs. Considering the same investment amount and tenor as above, you can earn Rs. 76,755 with this FD.
You can also choose monthly payouts or earnings at other regular intervals when you start this FD to help your mother meet recurring lifestyle expenses. If your mother is above 60 years of age, investing in a fixed deposit for your mother can help you earn higher returns than what you could earn, on your name. This is because financiers like Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit offer higher returns for senior citizens.
Eliminate risk with high safety ratings
While investments help grow your wealth, they usually come with an element of risk. With the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit, you can do away with this worry, as FD interest rates are not linked to the market. In spite of volatility that reduces your returns or can even erode your principal, an FD gives you guaranteed returns. Since the Bajaj Finserv Fixed Deposit for Women comes with the highest safety ratings of FAAA from CRISIL and MAAA from ICRA, your mother can rely on timely payout to meet her needs without hassles.
Manage the investment online for added convenience
Whether you want to calculate the earnings or track the investment, you can do it all online with Bajaj Finance. Simply use the FD calculator to forecast returns and plan the investment better or log in to the account to see the earnings and even renew the FD online. This way, you and your mom will always be informed and up to date.
With all these benefits in tow, starting an FD for your mother just makes good financial sense. To get started now, simply fill a short online form and give your mom a gift that keeps on giving.
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