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hIOTron Introduces How to Solve Complexities of Industrial IoT


VIMAN NAGAR Pune, Maharashtra, January 21, 2019: hIOTron introduces a guide on how to solve complexities of Industrial IoT.


Analyst firm IDC forecasts that 45% of IoT-generated data will be stored, processed, analysed and acted upon which is close to or at the edge of the network. As per McKinsey, 90% of all data in the world today has been generated in just past two years.


The main challenge is that many companies desire to take benefit of the Industrial IoT values to improve their business, but they are not much aware of how to go through a digital transformation without getting relieve of existing legacy equipment.


The Complexities of Industrial IoT


There are some unique complexities among all those thousands of use cases which include IoT devices interfacing, security, management of customized IoT Solution, managing applications at the edge, etc.


Solutions to deal with IIOT Complexities:


IIOT Gateway


An Industrial IoT gateway can support the existing device legacy to safely connect to any industrial infrastructure. Still, to understand more we need a dependable and standardized infrastructure upon which these IIoT components can work. The further infrastructure needs to be virtualized, downtime-proof and easy to utilize.


Edge Computing


In the edge computing, multiple gateways having several functions are connected with each other to form a bunch of gateways and this clustering tends to Distributed Edge Computing.


IoT Gateway Clustering


IoT Gateway grouping assures the incorporation of IT (Information Technology) systems, likewise ERP systems and CRM applications with OT (Operational Technology) systems such as MES and SCADA systems


IIOT Platforms Fill the Gap


Platforms are mainly believed as the solution to these IIoT Complexities for their transparency, built-in security and interoperability with multiple legacies systems. IIoT platforms and middleware fill up the gap between old and modern equipment legacy which is lying in between physical devices and the end-user software application likewise predictive analytics.


By implementing above all solutions, you can not only cope with the complexities of IIoT, but can quickly scale your industrial operations, improving your bottom lines.




To know more about how to solve complexities of Industrial IoT:  https://www.hiotron.com/solve-complexities-industrial-iot/


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