hIOTron Presents an Exclusive Guide on Industry 4 0 from Data to Information

VIMAN NAGAR Pune, Maharashtra, December 10, 2019: hIOTron presents a guide on Industry 4.0- From Data to Information which will easy to understand the transformation from previous information revolutions to this fourth industrial revolution.  Industry 4.0 introduces the Fourth industrial revolution.

The new techniques of Industry 4.0 lead to the ‘smart anything’ concept which generally get the most attention: from the smart grid, smart energy and smart logistics to smart facilities, involving smart buildings and smart plants and smart services to smart manufacturing, smart cities and so on.

Integrations in Industry 4.0: Vertical and Horizontal Integration:

Vertical integration in Industry 4.0 features to bind together all logical layers within the organization from the production floor layer up through R&D, product management, quality assurance, IT and so on.

Horizontal integration is not about the hierarchical view of various systems as in vertical integration but about the stated end-to-end value chain: from supplier and processes.

From Industry 3.0 to 4.0:

In Industry 3.0 the production process there was a great use of computer and communication technologies and less human interference, however there was still a human aspect behind it.

Now the future of Industry 4.0 extends and grows, everything will be connected and communicate with each other to help to make better and quicker decisions without any human involvement.

Industry 4.0 – New approach

In terms of maintenance, Industry 4.0 means lots of data that can be collected through sensors and used to make decisions about repairs and maintenance. 

Predictive maintenance systems are even rising to apply machine learning to decide when asset failure may happen and formulate preventive measures.

IIoT with CPS and cloud-based processes allow us to collect and understand data in ways that weren’t possible before and the effect of those technologies are being detected in every side of manufacturing from production to maintenance to marketing and even then on to the final products we create.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has been described as the fourth industrial revolution. Like steam, the production line and information technology before it, the convergence of cyber and physical systems have the ability to utterly transform how factories operate.

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