hIoTron s New batches of online and classroom IoT training will be started soon

Press Release

hIoTron IoT solution,provides,end-to-end training with Live use cases using IoT hardware kit

( https://www.hiotron.com/iot-training/)launches a new batches of Online and Classroom IoT training-a platform to build IoT career.

IoT training Modules: 

1. Theory and Practical sessions on Basics of IoT training:

   i)IoT architecture with detailed information

   ii)IoT applications and Job opportunities in detail.     

   iii)Detailed explanation of IoT 3 communication level.

   iv) Case study using IoT platform.

 2.Advance IoT training:

   i) Learn how to make own IoT product on Raspberry-pi.

   ii)Sensor interfacing & Embedded coding.

   iii)Smart home and building automation on   AWS platform.

   iv)Automotive and transport application

3.Implementation of IoT training:

   i)Backend IoT MQTT Server on Raspberry-pi.

   ii)Develop Frontend angular webpage on   Raspberry-pi.

   iii)IoT implementation on personal cloud           platform.

IoT Training schedule and Fee:

Classroom Batches:                                        Weekend offline batch:18th May[Sat,sun]

weekday offline batch:6th May [Mon-Fri]

Online Batches:

Weekend offline batch:18th May[Sat,sun]

weekday offline batch:6th May [Mon-Fri]




Despite Other Training institutes hIoTron provides an online as well as classroom training by core IoT Developers.Get an Opportunity to work in hIoTron IoT R&D Lab based on knowledge that was provided in IoT training.


More information on hIoTron IoT training : https://www.hiotron.com/iot-training/

About hIoTron: Hiotron Pvt.Ltd (hIOTron's) IoT Training is designed to become top IoT developer for Industries.They also provides an practical study for various IoT cloud platforms.

Hiotron had deployed over 21000 IoT Devices. hIoTron's IoT platform helps businesses to connect and manage data securely.It also develops,supports and manufactures IoT platforms and serving 55+ Fortune Enterprises.

Founded in 2013,hIoTron operates in Pune, Goregaon East, Mumbai.