hIoTron Unveils the guide on new approach to Remote IoT Connectivity

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VIMAN NAGAR Pune, Maharashtra, January 2, 2020: hIoTron Presents a guide on new approach to Remote IoT Connectivity which will utilize data-driven insight to make important decisions which are an idea of absolute connectivity.  

To achieve such sustaining connectivity, there are specific requirements to make your IoT connectivity future-proof. Here are some of the features that need to consider:   

1.     Device Design

2.     Embedded Devices

3.     Compatibility

4.     Configuration

5.     Independence

6.     Hardware

7.     STK( System Application Toolkit)

8.     Firmware 

Selecting the Right IoT Connectivity Protocol:   

The selection criteria of IoT Connectivity Protocol are depended on various factors as it looks like little bit immense at the first but after interpreting a few core principles and matching those with the requirements of your system, this the task will become much easier.

Following are a few features on which it depends:

1.     Range

2.     Interoperability

3.     Security

4.     Power Consumption

5.     Scalability


Of all the remote IoT connectivity options currently offer, cellular is one of the most flexible connectivity segments.

In cities the growth of cell towers makes it a better option for Smart City applications and this infrastructure expands globally to support roaming and remote applications.

The multi-network abilities provided by many cellular providers and the capability of the SIM card to roam across countries and continents make it an absolute solution for roaming applications such as logistics and connected cars where a continuous connection with high efficiency is essential.

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To know more about the guide on a new approach to Remote IoT Connectivity:  https://www.hiotron.com/new-approach-remote-iot-connectivity/

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